About Us

the_river_outside_sign.jpgOur Purpose...

"To penetrate today's culture with the love of Jesus and to encourage individuals to become fully devoted followers of Christ."

Our Philosophy...

To connect with the postmodern generation, the River will strive to remain R.E.A.L.

R = Relevant - Today's culture is predominately visual or "people of the screen." Therefore, we will embrace the senses -- drama, art, and video clips -- to communicate the transformational power of God’s Word in relevant ways.

E = Experiential - Worship must be in "spirit and truth." Worship proclaims Jesus as Lord and Savior. When done in a style and language postmodern people can relate to, it gives them an opportunity to witness the power of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

A = Accepting - Those seeking the Lord must experience an environment of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Relationships are important. The gathered body of Christ must be relationship oriented with an emphasis placed on small group gatherings where people can learn biblical truths, feel like they belong, and be heard.

L = Laity Led - Individuals will be encouraged to discover their uniqueness. Each individual will be provided the opportunities to be equipped, trained, empowered and have adequate resources to answer God's call on their life.

Our Mission...

"To provide opportunities for individuals to investigate Christianity in a safe environment at their own pace and provide opportunities for them to experience the process of spiritual growth.”

Essential Elements

  • Our prayer is that God will use the River of Life Community Church to create:
  • A strong network of small groups for the purpose of relationship building, Bible study, and a sense of belonging.
  • Passionate and creative worship that draws us closer to Jesus and demonstrates what it really means to have a personal relationship with Jesus... to truly be a follower of Christ.
  • Teaching that is biblical and relevant. This brings the life-changing message of the Bible out of the dust and into daily life. All honest questions will be embraced.
  • A biblically functioning, accepting community where people care for people because Jesus first loved them. Truth will be spoken out of love, not out of a need to condemn or dominate.
  • Opportunities that will allow putting faith into action.
  • A creative, interactive, high-energy children's ministry. Two questions will guide Children's Church - "Did you have fun?" and "What did you learn?"

Our Values...

Prayer - Prayer and Scripture are the bedrock of the River (Philippians 4:6; 2 Timothy 3:16).

Praise - Worship gives Jesus His rightful place (John 4:24).

Purpose - All that we do will be weighed against our purpose: "To penetrate today's culture with the love of Jesus..." We will strive to make Christianity attractive and understandable (Luke 19:10).

Perpetually Pregnant - We will intentionally plant a daughter church that will intentionally plant a daughter church of her own (Mathew 28:19).