We often hear from people attending the River for the first time saying things like “I didn’t know church could be this way” or “I felt God’s presence for the first time in years” or even “I came for the coffee but found Christ instead!!”.

What we recognize is everyone is on a spiritual journey.  It really doesn’t matter to us if someone is just starting their journey or if they have been on a spiritual path for years, we treat everyone the same.  It is our goal to help everyone continue farther “down the path” on their personal journey.

We have no dress code, we have no expectations from you, we will not dictate to you how to worship our God.

We promise to bring the message of Christ to you in a relevant way.  At different times you may hear the message through music or drama or movie clips.  You may hear from others who are “wrestling with life”.  Regardless of the source, it is our desire that you hear, feel, see, God’s truth and what a difference it can make in our lives.

You will also experience laughter, tears and warm smiles from others… and really great coffee!!